Natural products for a healthy diet

ULRICH TAPFER is from the Italian South Tyrol with agricultural background in apple and wine growing and therefore lives very close to nature. He is committed in delivering carefully selected high quality products to assist you in your well-being and health.

His interest in innovative natural products and plant trends was the main reason for the foundation of a company for the production and distribution of these products.

For more than 4 years he has worked with Goji plants and other new plants that he grows on his own plantations. Valuable insights for product development and sales were achieved through innovative production and processing methods.

The priority is to provide healthy food for a healthy living. Ulrich is convinced that the consistent consumption of natural products can improve your health and natural beauty. Ulstar guarantees authenticity and quality of their products.


Ulrich Tapfer

Contact:  +39 342 5312702, info@ulstar.eu