Goji Berries – Tibet

Our Goji berries from the Tibet Plateau are exceptionally sweet and juicy in taste.

Nowadys more and more people are interested in eating Goji berries since they are considered to be one of the most nutritious and natural foods, full of antioxidants, thus improving longevity. In fact, the Goji berries are originally known in Tibet and China as a “fruit of well-being that gives a long life.”

The type of Goji berries we import are from the following two regions of China:

The autonomous region of Ningxia100g-bio-kl-Tibet
Region located in North China at altitude of over 1000mt, which to our experience produces excellent organic berries that surely meet the expectations of our customers. In fact, usually when speaking about Goji berries one would think about the Ningxia region, meanwhile known worldwide.

Tibet Plateau
Less known, but by our experience and visits even more suitable for the cultivation of organic Goji berries is the area of the Tibet Plateau that covers most of the province of Qinghai, with much higher altitudes compared to Ningxia surpassing 3000mt. The isolation of the plateau, the absence of pesticides, fertilizer and other forms of pollution, fewer insects and parasites, a lot of sun, the water and air quality are those aspects that favor the indeed outstanding quality of these Goji berries. In fact, those who have tasted the berries of Ningxia and Tibet Plateau will certainly favor those of “Tibetan” origin, since they are more sweet with a distinct flavor. We just have to emphasize the benefits deriving from such high quality Goji berries.