Outstanding cranberries for more energy and well-being, dried and sweet.


Why buy Cranberries from Ulstar?


Direct Packing Business: We pack your cranberries. Unlike many distributors, we actually process and pack the product on our own state-of-the-art equipment.  The dried cranberries we sell come from carefully selected and certified wholesalers which do guarantee for the traceability, quality and safety of their product. Just name the size of your package and we will make it reality.

Food Safety: Because we control the fruit ourselves through independent laboratory testing, we guarantee that our cranberries are safe to eat.

Customer Service: We are perfectly sized to offer our customers the best in professional service. Our customers know our people personally.  We do our best to produce the finest end-product and ship it at the agreed date and time.

Superior Quality: Because we are serious processors, we only use the highest quality fruit available.

Competitive Price: We offer excellent quality cranberries at very competitive market prices.


With so many uses for cranberries, you’ll be comforted to know that our cranberries are of premium quality.